​The treatment planning phase of aligners using state of the art treatment planning software is the most critical aspect in achieving successful high quality and predictable treatment outcomes and patient care. Leading aligner experts all understand that the ultimate success with treatment is highly dependent on a well-executed treatment plan. That is where CAPS® comes in. The CAPS® Team of Clinical Experts will set up your treatment plan along with unlimited modifications based on the most current best practice clinical protocols to achieve your treatment goals and desired clinical outcomes for the initial digital setup.



CAPS® provides you with hands-on treatment planning to confidently take on even the most challenging of aligner cases, increase profitability and productivity, reduce appointments, and achieve world-class results for your patients.


The innovative technology of the Invisalign Aligner you'll experience from the beginning. The special feature of this therapy is the incredible ease of treatment. Everything's a little more comfortable, more transparent and secure.

So there are no conventional dental impressions with sticky and unpleasant rubber materials. Modern intraoral scanners scan your teeth incredibly quick, gently and painlessly. Providing a clear view for you and your orthodontist at the beginning of treatment.

The computer-aided three-dimensional image shows the current status of your teeth and consequently enables a detailed and precise photorealistic 3D model in a very short time. This will be the basis for your dentist who will be able to accurately plan and control your dental correction therapy with the special ClinCheck software.

With the integrated Outcome Simulator, you can already see how beautiful and straight your corrected teeth will look at the end of the treatment. Precisely specified treatment planning will be sent to Align Technology in San Jose, Silicon Valley, in fractions of a second for review.

From there, we usually receive a treatment proposal within 15 minutes, which can be checked by your orthodontist shortly or directly released. Align Technology manufactures your personal aligners with self-developed, high-precision high-tech 3D printers. It's made of a special crystal-clear and allergologically harmless plastic. For each of the 7-14 day clycles wearing these plastic splints are precisely tailored to your treatment planning and it ensure the comfortability of gentle movement of your teeth in the right direction.