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What Should You Expect During a Invisalign FREE Consultation

A vast majority of adults in Australia do not opt for any teeth alignment procedure. They are terrified by the thought of wearing bulky and cumbersome metal braces worn by teenagers.

Thankfully, for those who are looking for a state-of-the-art alternative with the same efficacy as that of traditional aligners, Invisalign offers an excellent option to get a celebrity-like smile without the need for intrusive orthodontic equipment fitted on the teeth.

In this blog, we are going to introduce the Invisalign system in brief along with discussing how you can ask for an Invisalign FREE consultation in three easy steps.

What is Invisalign

Invisalign is a cosmetic dental procedure where dentists craft your custom smile through a varied set of invisible aligners that slowly relocates the teeth in appropriate positions over time. You would be required to wear a new series of aligners every fortnight or so while your dental practitioner decides which ones of your teeth need a nudge and when.

In sharp contrast to classic metal braces, Invisalign is free of any wires and brackets, effectively providing the user with more comfort. You are not required to avoid the ingestion of certain foods as Invisalign is designed for easy and quick removal while eating, brushing, or whenever you may wish.

Things to Expect During an Invisalign FREE Consultation

The first step towards your dream smile is to schedule an Invisalign FREE consultation at any dental clinic duly authorised by Align Technology for commercial use. Here are the key things that you can anticipate in the event you are visiting for the first time. Note that only the initial consultation is offered at no cost, but all the associated clinical services and medical products are chargeable.

  • Assessment

An Invisalign FREE consultation allows your dentist to evaluate your teeth and assess whether it is the best alternative to address your specific concerns. You could also seek answers to some of your queries about it.

  • Examinations

In an Invisalign FREE consultation, the dental professional would start with evaluating records of your bite and teeth for custom-planning the Invisalign procedure from scratch. The dental surgeon would take the four major kinds of records as illustrated below in brief.

  • X-rays

You would be asked to undergo a full-mouth or panoramic x-ray imaging procedure so that your dentist can ascertain the present state of your tooth and jawbone and determine how healthy those are. Dental x-rays aid in your root position assessment as well.

  • Bite Registration

During an Invisalign FREE consultation, a fast-setting paste would be applied onto your teeth, and then you would be instructed to bite down. This will help figure out how precisely your lower and upper teeth align together. The paste would become hard in just a few minutes, and an imprint of your bite would be permanently recorded on it.

  • Dental Imprints

Traditional techniques for taking dental impressions involve placing a putty-smeared tray inside the patient’s mouth. However, a state-of-the-art dental service in Australia, such as ours, employs cutting-edge intraoral scanners for scanning your teeth gently, without any pain, and incredibly fast. Hence, you are spared of all the hassles and discomfort associated with conventional imprint materials.

  • Imaging

Eight patient images, including pictures from multiple angles and full-face images, would be sent to the closest Invisalign laboratory.

  • Prescription

Once all the required procedures are completed during an Invisalign FREE consultation, and the clinic collects your vital data, your dental practitioner would write a prescription recommending Invisalign. It would cover your teeth' present condition, the best treatment plan, and what kind of teeth alignment changes should you expect.

Your records would then be couriered to Align Technology, and your dental impressions would be digital scanned for producing a computerised three-dimensional photo of your teeth.

A simulation would be created by Invisalign technicians for animating the potential sequence in which your teeth would realign to the desired location. As soon as your dentist approves it, the Invisalign laboratory would purpose-manufacture transparent, plastic aligners for you.

Commencement of the Invisalign Procedure

As soon as your aligners are manufactured at the nearest Invisalign facility, and your dentist's office has received them, you are deemed prepared to begin the treatment.

Expect your consultant orthodontist to discuss how you should care for your aligners along with informing you about how many hours a day you are required to wear them. You would also be provided with the first set of aligners and elaborate instruction on when to replace it with the forthcoming series.

Invisalign is a user-friendly and discreet, new-age dental procedure with all the advantages of inherently painful and highly burdensome, traditional teeth straightening techniques. So, what are you waiting for? Schedule your Invisalign FREE consultation today, and contact us now to reserve your preferred slot today.

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