What Are The Point of Differences Between Invisalign And Traditional Braces?

If you want your smile to improve or straighter teeth, you might wonder whether to opt for traditional braces or invisalign. Both dental procedures can effectively improve your smile and adjust your teeth into a proper position. Each clinical method comes with several advantages as well as challenges.

This question is common, as we are often confused about the differences between traditional braces and invisalign methods. At Capsdental, we will assist you to choose the right solution to improve your smile eventually. In the following write-up, we will underline when traditional braces or Invisalign is most appropriate to ensure the best dental treatment.

How Each of These Dental Treatments Are Similar?

Traditional braces and invisalign procedures are similar in many ways, although require exact specialization to perform effectively. Both are required to be worn regularly, and invisalign clips are removed while eating. Both need to continue with commitment guidelines of wearing, cleaning, and proper oral care.

Furthermore, traditional braces and invisalign are an effective oral cure to correct overbites, crooked teeth, jaw position, and underbites. Both the dental treatments even require a similar span at sixteen months.

How Are Traditional Braces And Invisalign Different?

Both traditional braces and Invisalign aligners are important parts of orthodontic medication. But both of them differ in significant ways and most importantly is the technique used to adjust teeth and offer an attractive smile.

Traditional braces commonly use metal clips and wires to adjust the teeth’s positioning. Elastic is even used in such clinical procedures to align teeth. However, invisalign uses a series of clear custom aligning clips to shift the position of teeth, and aligners are changes weekly. The convenience of invisalign is positively an extra advantage, although traditional braces are the most recommended option for treating serious orthodontic cases.

During your consultation at Capsdental, impressions of your teeth are clicked and sent to dental labs where CAD/ CAM technology is used to manufacture aligners. You will generally receive one or two sets of aligners at the time of check-ups, which are scheduled between four and six weeks apart. Both the treatment duration differs, and in maximum cases, 20 to 30 sets of aligners are used over a year course.

Now, let’s look for the major point of differences between the two dental treatments –

Benefits of Using Traditional Braces

Traditional braces will produce accurate results at setting overcrowded teeth and are much more affordable compared to clear aligner Australia. The following are major advantages of traditional braces –

  • Effective treatment for serious orthodontic cases,

  • High-tech wires are used to adjust the position of teeth that aren’t clearly visible,

  • This dental technique helps to close gaps and quickly align your teeth,

  • Traditional braces will quickly correct orthodontic problems over removable clips;

Challenges Involve In Traditional Braces

Here are some common challenges experienced in such oral care –

  • Brushing of teeth will require more efforts,

  • The mouth guards are used as protection all-over athletics,

  • Certain food & drink needs to be avoided strictly;

Advantages of Performing Invisalign

Compared to train tracks of traditional braces, invisalign procedure is unique and unlikely to be spotted by others. The invisalign aligners are made of soft plastic and are eventually more comfortable compared to traditional braces. Here are some major advantages of choosing Invisalign

  • The invisalign aligners are almost unnoticeable unless you confront others,

  • Invisalign braces are easily removable while easting and playing games,

  • This dental technique increases the comfortability and convenience of patients;

Major Challenges of Invisalign Technique

The following are some major challenges involve in invisalign –

  • Invisalign trays may stain if it isn’t removed ahead of eating,

  • This dental technique increases the risk of cavities when consuming sugar and wearing aligners,

  • Make sure to change clear aligners on a weekly schedule;

Both traditional braces and invisalign aligners are great options whenever you want to get an orthodontic cure. Your orthodontist can accurately recommend which method matches your clinical needs and objectives. Request a clear aligner consultation now to understand which solution ideally matches your oral care.

Let Capsdental Help You Choose The Right Dental Technique!

When deciding between traditional braces and invisalign methods it’s significant to work with certified and experienced professionals. Capsdental is committed to offering certified orthodontic care via metal braces, invisalign, and clear aligner Australia. Our qualified orthodontists can address various challenging cases with complete protection assurance. We can even assist you to choose the right solution to improve your smile.

If you’ve any more questions related to oral care, send us an email at support@capsorthoed.com.au to schedule a consultation right now!

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