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Looking for invisalign free consultation to improve your smile or straighten your teeth? Then, Capsdental is just a perfect match, which works efficiently to offer market-standard oral care.

Invisalign is envisioned to straighten teeth in the same procedure as traditional braces, although its method is unique. At Capsdental, we can offer a wide range of dental treatments to solve your oral care-related problems. Invisalign technique is a common solution to re-shape misaligned teeth and improve your smile.

Our team of orthodontist offers custom-made clear aligners to patients, who need to wear clips as part of the alignment process. If you want to explore more about our invisalign methods, you can opt for invisalign free consultation today!

What Is Invisalign Treatment?

Invisalign treatment is a modern alternative to traditional braces, and consists of clear aligners customized as per individual teeth. Each time a clear aligner is removed and replaced with a new pair because the teeth structure gradually starts to change its shape. This procedure continues until the teeth are in prescribed alignment, which’s recommended by certified orthodontists. These invisible aligners are changed weekly to adjust the current structure of the patient’s teeth.

For those who prefer an invisible appearance when considering adjustments is recommended to choose invisalign methods. Invisalign techniques are suggested to remove ahead of eating. These trays are even removable when patient needs to clean. The set of aligners are commonly made of premium-grade materials to achieve expected outcomes. After getting an invisalign cure, you are advised to wear a retainer to ensure guaranteed results.

At Capsdental, we will check whether invisalign is the right method when providing invisalign free consultation. This procedure will also include a series of steps to put patients to the test. We will provide guidelines to check out prices of monthly payments and are available on request. We are even committed to providing comprehensive oral care at affordable rates.

If you’ve any more queries related to orthodontic care or wishes to schedule a primary consultation, give us a call at +61(3) 9108 0475 or send us an email at

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