FIVE Reasons Why Clear Aligners in Australia are Top Choice for Teeth Alignment

If you dream of having perfectly aligned teeth but not like wearing metallic braces, clear aligners are what you truly need.

According to experts, these dental instruments are an excellent alternative to metallic braces, especially for older teenagers and adults. Clear aligners in Australia, such as Invisalign, are becoming popular day by day. In this blog, we would discuss some of their most significant advantages.

Key Advantages of Clear Aligners

Here is a curated list of a few of the five vital facts about clear aligners. You can ask your consultant orthodontist if you have any other queries concerning the procedure.

  • Surprisingly Discreet

One of the greatest worries about classic braces that many individuals have, adults and older teenagers, in particular, is how their physical appearance would be affected after wearing them.

There’s no denying that the present-day dental braces sport a smaller footprint than their previous generations. But clear aligners like Invisalign can prove to be considerably less visible on your teeth as only medical-quality, transparent plastic is utilised for fabricating them.

  • Offer More Comfort to the User

Clear aligners made by premium brands, such as Invisalign, are designed for optimal convenience and utmost comfort. It has a piece of soft moulded plastic that snug fits on the teeth. With no bands, wires, or brackets, they are no wonder that they are more comfortable and consume less time for adjustments than metallic braces.

However, you must understand that all types of orthodontic procedures involve some amount of discomfort, as teeth aligners and braces are meant to exert gentle force on the teeth for pushing them into the required alignment.

  • Allows the User to Floss and Brush with Great Ease

Ensuring impeccable oral hygiene is paramount during an orthodontic procedure, and if a dental condition like gum disease or tooth decay develops at any point, it would be postponed for health reasons. This will compel you to regularly visit the dentist’s office, critically affecting the treatment outcome along with steep cost inflation.

Brushing and flossing while wearing your braces is itself a herculean task as you have to make sure that the braces and their supporting brackets are both clean. However, flossing and brushing your teeth is astoundingly simple with clear aligners like Invisalign as they could be easily taken out and in no time.

  • No Need to Follow a Restricted Diet

Those who wear braces are advised against ingesting a diet that is overly gluey, hard, or chewy as those foods could displace or damage their braces. Also, some foods could get caught between the braces, making it hard to expel.

On the contrary, high-quality clear aligners like Invisalign are made for quick and easy removal, which essentially means that you are not required to limit yourself to specific kinds of food consumption.

Whatever teeth alignment procedure you may choose, it is essential to adhere to a balanced, healthy meal plan and refrain from taking too much sugar for reducing the odds of tooth decay and other dental issues.

  • Non-Toxic and Hypoallergenic

If plastic toxicity and allergic reaction from foreign materials are what worry you the most, rest assured that clear aligners won’t case any damage to your teeth. These are manufactured from polyurethane resin of clinical-grade and do NOT contain hazardous compounds like bisphenol.

This harmful substance can be found in numerous plastic-made industrial products, including mass-manufactured, low-quality teeth aligners, and continuous exposure to BPA may result in hypertension along with triggering other adverse medical symptoms.

You should always remember to check with the dental professional or ask the manufacturer to ensure that your teeth aligners can be worn safely.

So, this was a broad overview of a few of the major benefits of opting for clear aligners. Do you too wear them, and why did you prefer your present brand over the rest? Let us know by commenting below! Also, if you are new to Invisalign clear aligners and wish to learn more about how they could help get your dream smile, contact us now to schedule a FREE dental consultation today!