An In-Depth Insight Into Advanced Orthodontist Education and Training for Teeth Alignment

A recent market study found out that almost two-thirds of the adult Australian population wish to fix their crooked teeth. With the burgeoning market demand for qualified orthodontists possessing diverse experience and impeccable skills, teeth straightening service continues to be one of the most sought-after dental treatments across the country.

However, dentists can offer teeth alignment services for their patients without completing a postgraduate-degree course in dentistry.

If you are a graduate dentist, you may choose to ameliorate your existing knowledge through a skill up-gradation programme. For instance, you could consider completing an advanced certification programme in orthodontist education and training, such as Module 4: Aligner Therapy offered both online and in-person.

The course is carefully designed to help you master the art and science of teeth straightening. After attaining this highly sought-after certification, you would be in a much better position to assist your patients in making an informed decision when selecting a provider for aligner treatment and support.

Complete an Advanced Certification Programme in Orthodontist Education and Training

Module 4: Aligner Therapy is offered both offline and online through our preferred educational partner, The OrthoED Institute. It is one of the leading training providers in Australia for continuing dental education. Irrespective of the delivery model that you may opt for, the course content remains unchanged for both.

Syllabus of Module 4: Aligner Therapy (Available in Online Mode and as Onsite Learning)

This advanced certification course in orthodontist education and training is meticulously designed to equip the dental practitioner with the following skills.

  • An extensive understanding of thenumerous teeth alignment solutions available in present times along with their respective advantages and disadvantages

  • How to identify realistic objectives of aligner therapy, selecting the eligible patients through a structural framework

  • How to optimise the treatment outcomes in the presence of various dental conditions, including spacing, crowding, open bite, deep bite, class three, class two, and extraction scenarios

Furthermore, an in-depth know-why and know-how of aligner treatment, including myriad tips and tricks, the biomechanics in play, and the key to making aligner practice profitable would be thoroughly covered as well.

The common syllabus for both face-to-face boot camp and online training is outlined below.

  • The general evolution of aligner treatment

  • Comparison of the present-day aligner solutions

  • Accomplishing realistic results with aligner movements and learning the nitty-gritty of patient segregation criteria for fixed braces as well as aligners

  • Understanding how the biomechanics of braces and aligners differ

  • A comprehensive discussion on aligner issues along with a plethora of techniques, hacks, and industry best practices to address them

  • Ideal configurations for orthodontic problems (class three and class two)

  • Orthodontic settings for open bites and deep bites

  • Aligner-centric management of extraction use-cases

  • Golden rules for profitably and efficiently integrating aligner therapy service into existing practice

The intensive two-day training comprises thirty CPD (continuous professional development) hours and priced at three-thousand and eighty Australian dollars inclusive of GST. For the online version, you must pay one-thousand five-hundred, and forty Australian dollars inclusive of GST and all the course content remains accessible for up to ninety days.

The domestic market size for dental services is estimated at a whopping ten billion Australian dollars. Furthermore, the biggest share of specialist dentists in the country happens to be certified orthodontists. So, there is simply no reason for dentists without any specialisation to not attend an advanced certification course in orthodontist education and training.

Module 4: Aligner Therapy would immensely help ensure a significant increase in your practice revenue in the long-term. Call us now for any queries and explore the complete range of skill enhancement courses offered in partnership with The OrthoED Institute.