Here are some FAQs

What are the benefits of using CAPS?

As a Dr, your time is your most valuable asset. Not only will it save you time it will save you money. Because the investment of outsourcing your ClinCheck or digital treatment plan to CAPS is less than what your time is worth you will maximize your profitability. Drs who use CAPS are able to treat more complex cases and are much more profitable as they reduce the need for midcourse corrections and multiple case refinements.

My ClinCheck/digital  set ups are fine why should I have CAPS manage them for me?

Remember, all aligner companies are manufacturers of a medical device and they do not provide medical or dental advice, nor do they give treatment planning advice and in fact legally not allowed . Your ClinCheck /digital treatment plan is an approximation of a particular clinical outcome and takes into account your online prescription, your clinical treatment preferences, and your expertise in understanding the nuances of the ClinCheck/digital treatment planning software.The CAPS approach is to provide you and your patient with a clinical predictable setup to achieve an excellent outcome in the least amount of time.

How long will it take to manage my ClinCheck® treatment plan?

Most case evaluation inquiries and treatment planning requests are initiated within 48 hours of receiving your order. The service level

How do I get started with CAPS?

You can sign and return the “Umbrella Agreement’’ when utilising the Invisalign, Angelalign or Smile Styler systems and do not receive corporate or volume discounts.The umbrella agreements allow the cost to be included in your aligner fee –and the only difference is that you pay CAPS your aligner fee and not the aligner company –yet all else will be provided directly by your aligner company. You are able to sign and return the "Non-Umbrella Agreement" when utilising the Suresmile Aligner system or if you belong to a corporate group or are receiving a discount from Invisalign, SmileStyler or Angelalign or if you just prefer not to be under a CAPS umbrella agreement .

It is very important that you fill in all the details in the agreements--imparticular fill out the front page with your name and full address and practice name, fill in the details in schedule 1of Item 6 , Item 7 with all the dentist details and Item 8 with all of the usernames and passwords for all of the relevant sites .We then need you to return the ENTIRE signed agreement to our office.

How do I submit a case?

Submit your case on your designated Dr site specific to the aligner brand and also submit the patient name case number on the CAPS portal, with any other notes that would be relevant for the CAPS orthodontist.

How will I be notified about the status of my ClinCheck treatment plan?

CAPS will communicate with you during the course of modification process. You will receive a final email communication once your ClinCheck treatment plan modifications have been completed.

Do I revise the treatment plan?

The CAPS specialists will go back and forth with the aligner company ensuring the aligner setup is accurate and predictable. Once the CAPS orthodontists are satisfied with the setup you will receive an email, inviting you to add revision notes or approve the case.

How long will it take for my aligners to be delivered?

This will depend on the time taken by the aligner company to send the initial setup to CAPS, the number of revisions required, and the time taken by the aligner company to return the revisions. We recommend allowing 5 weeks for delivery from time of submission.

Can I consult with the CAPS Drs and discuss the treatment planning process?

CAPS will do the entire treatment plan; however you will be able to view the modifications made in the Clincheck/digital set up, giving you an understanding of the changes performed by the CAPS team.

Can CAPS help me determine if a case is suitable for aligners?

CAPS Clinical Experts can give valuable complimentary clinical and technical advice on whether or not a case might be suitable for aligners, evaluate the predictability of the case and take into account your restorative treatment plan.

Upload your patient photos, Xrays and relevant information onto the aligner portal you wish to use for that case and then place an order on the CAPS portal for a complimentary case evaluation -and provide the patient name ,ID number and any notes that would be considered to help the CAPS orthodontist in evaluation of the case. You will receive an answer within 72 hours.

Can I also modify the initial setup after submitting the order to CAPS?

Once CAPS has initiated modifications CAPS strongly discourages you from making modifications to your setup as conflicting modifications may confuse the aligner technician. Hence it is most important that you make no changes until after you receive an email from CAPS notifying yourself that ”Your case is now ready for review.“

Who will approve my aligner setup?

As the treating Dr, you are responsible for approving your final treatment plan. Should you have any questions about your treatment plan or would like further modifications you can communicate with your CAPS Clinical Expert, through adding notes in the appropriate patient on the CAPS portal.

How will I know when my setup is ready to review / approve?

CAPS will communicate with you during the modification process. You will receive a final email once all final modifications have been completed and the CAPS team is happy with the final digital set up and staging of treatment. At that point you will receive an email from CAPS notifying yourself that ”Your case is now ready for review.“

Who are the Clinical Experts?

All CAPS Clinical Experts are part of a Team of Orthodontists who have the highest level of clinical and technical expertise with aligner treatment planning and the various aligner companies software. Many of the CAPS Clinical Experts have previously worked for Align Technology for over a decade and have been involved in many of the innovations and developments of ClinCheck /digital setup software protocols. The team of Clinical Experts also have nearly 20 years of experience treatment planning over one hundred and fifty thousand aligner cases for thousands of doctors around the world with a staggering less than 10 % refinement rate.

Can CAPS also help me with case refinements or midcourse corrections?

Absolutely. For a reduced fee, CAPS clinical experts can also manage your midcourse corrections and your case refinements.

Which aligner companies does CAPS support?

CAPS supports Invisalign, SmileStyler, Angelalign and Suresmile aligner systems.

What is the fee for the CAPS treatment planning service?

Providing Drs accredited with Invisalign, SmileStyler and Angelalign who are not part of a corporate group or receiving volume discounts, and those doctors agreeing to sign the relevant umbrella group agreement -the CAPS treatment planning service is complimentary. For Suresmile Drs or Drs receiving corporate or volume discounts or doctors who just prefer not to be under a CAPS umbrella agreement there is a fee of $450 plus GST which usually will be payable on submission for comprehensive cases ,and reduced fees for moderate and Lite cases.

Who do I communicate with if I have any queries regarding my aligner treatment plan?

Ideally all communication should be via the CAPS portal.

However if you require more support -then you can contact Dr Geoff Hall or Dr Martin Poon by email at or by calling 1300 073 427