CAPS Agreements

Here is how it all works!


c/o OrthoED Institute,

Virginia Park, 18 North Drive,

236-262 East Boundary Road,

East Bentleigh, Vic,  3165


If you are an Invisalign and Angelalign customer, and treating low case volume, you can register under "our umbrella" entity, and in this way, you will be invoiced through CAPS and not through your aligner company) at the normal RRP (recommended retail price). The great benefit to you is our treatment planning service is complimentary for comprehensive and moderate cases due to our association with the above-mentioned aligner companies.


To get started, all you need to do is sign and return the “Umbrella Agreement” for Invisalign, Angelalign and/or SureSmile Aligners we will send you your login details. 


If you are utilising the SmileStyler, InvsalignGO, you will incur a small fee, payable at the time of submission of your case – and thereafter for subsequent cases.  If you prefer not to be registerd under the CAPS “Umbrella” for Invisalign, or Angelalign (due to discount levels) you may still access CAPS, however, payment will be required at the time of case submission as above.


You will be required to sign and return the “Non-Umbrella Agreement” when utilising, SmileStyler, InvisalignGO, or would prefer not to be registered under the CAPS “Umbrella”.

On the second page of each agreement is a checklist that lists each item within the document that needs to be filled in. Please ensure you complete and fill in all of the items on the checklist before returning your ENTIRE agreement to us.

Dr.'s registered under the "Umbrella Agreement" may also register for the "Non Umbrella Agreement" if utilising numerous systems. CAPS® will reward Dr.'s, providing discounts based on the number of cases submitted under the "non-umbrella" Agreement. Once your registration has been approved you will receive your username and password providing access to our very simple portal.

Submitting a case is simple:

You will be required to upload all of your patient information along with the STL files (or send PVS impressions to your dedicated aligner company) and complete the prescription on your dedicated aligner doctor site.
Log in to the CAPS. portal and create an order by selecting a product and completing your patient's details.

That's it!! CAPS. will complete a diagnosis and prepare your setup. Once we are happy with the setup you will be notified via email and you will have the option of approving the setup for fabrication or adding any modification notes. Once approved your aligners will be shipped to you directly from  your dedicated aligner company.
CAPS  is very simple to use and once you have registered we will organise an onboarding session to ensure you feel confident submitting cases and understanding our system.

Next Step: 

Please download the relevant user Agreement(s), complete all the necessary details, sign and return it to CAPS via email or  directly mail  to