Advanced Aligner

For your convenience the full Aligner Essential program is also available as an online module.

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  • History of Aligner Therapy

  • Evaluation of different aligner systems

  • What can realistically be achieved with aligner movements, and which cases should utilise fixed braces rather than aligners

  • Difference in biomechanics for aligners and braces

  • Problems with aligners and how to resolve them – tips, tricks and techniques

  • Orthodontic setups for class 2 and class 3 issues

  • Orthodontic setups for deep bites and open bites

  • Management of extraction cases with aligners

  • How to integrate aligner treatment into your practice efficiently and profitably

Be advised dates may be subject to change

Advanced Aligner


December 2 - 3, 2021




2-day program

30 CPD Hours


Dr. Martin Poon

Dr. Geoff Hall