The Australian clear aligner industry is growing exponentially  and  is estimated to reach $302 million by 2025. Now is the perfect time to position your practice as the confident, trustworthy dental experts who can help patients by providing  exceptional results with aligner therapy predictably and efficiently.


With the Complete Aligner Planning Service (CAPS) powered by  OrthoED, you can be rest assured that you’ll have the country’s leading Orthodontic specialists working side by side with you, to provide the ideal clinical digital setup that will  produce remarkable results for your patients while reducing the need for repeat patient visits or costly complications.This will lead to exceptionally happy patients and an increase in high value patient referrals.

Dr. Geoffrey Hall

Dr. Hall is a specialist orthodontist with an extreme passion for clinical orthodontics and orthodontic training for Dentists, specialising in adult and children treatments including early treatment, conventional adolescent therapy, short-term orthodontics (Smilefast) and cosmetic treatment options. Dr. Hall also specializes in lingual braces, Invisalign, and other aligner systems, and a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary treatment, including orthognathic surgical cases.

Dr. Hall has been a pioneer in modern day orthodontics and education backed by 30  years experience and treated over 10,000 cases.

Dr. Geoffrey Hall was the first orthodontist outside the USA to be accredited as an Invisalign Doctor(in early 2000) and set up the world's first Invisalign dedicated center (Straight and White Centre ) in Melbourne Australia in 2003.

Dr. Martin Poon

Martin is approachable and friendly. We love that he brings a ‘benevolent’ face to orthodontic treatment, making it an enjoyable experience for each person, regardless of age or their case complexity.

Born in Hong Kong and raised in Melbourne, Martin completed his Bachelor of Dental Science at the University of Melbourne in 2002 and a Masters in Orthodontics and Oral Biology at the University of Pennsylvania in 2008.

While completing his studies, he connected with Dr Geoff Hall at the Invisalign Centre in Melbourne. In addition to his Diamond Provider status he maintains with the Invisalign system, Martin is also an accomplished clinician in all other aspects of orthodontic treatment. His particular interest is in working on interdisciplinary cases with other dentists and specialists to realise the best outcomes for patients.


Dr. Adriana Garro

With 20 years of experience in Clinical Orthodontics, Dr. Garro worked for Align Technology starting in 2001 holding positions that include, Clinical Operations Lead, Align Clinical Staff, Clinical Team Supervisor, and Director of Clinical Education, EMEA. During that time she was involved in the development of many of the ClinCheck clinical protocols. Dr. Garro was also on the European Leadership Team where she led initiatives that included Align University Program, Invisalign Master Class, and KOL Programs. Since completing her Orthodontic Residency she has dedicated her career to the Orthodontic profession specializing in Clear Aligner treatment. Dr. Garro joined ClearTPS in 2012. Dr. Garro leads a Team of Clinical Experts and has overseen the management of over 250,000 clear aligner treatment plans.

About The CAPS partnership with ClearTPS

We are an Orthodontist led Team of Orthodontic Clinicians with over 20 years of experience and highly specialized in clear aligner diagnosis and treatment plan optimization. With 150,000 clear aligner treatments already planned, ClearTPS is the global leader in Clear Aligner Treatment Planning Services (TPS). Powered by OrthoEd, the Complete Aligner Planning Service (CAPS) and ClearTPS have partnered to provide you with the world’s leading Orthodontic specialists working side by side with you for the highest level of success with your clear aligner cases.

Partner with CAPS and ClearTPS and have a dedicated experienced orthodontist optimize your clear aligner treatment plans for the most predictable clinical outcomes and grow your clear aligner practice. Align yourself, your practice and patients with this amazing partnership today.